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14,000 lb Power Unit


  1. Fits variants of Rotary 4-post 14,000 lb lift Motor: 2 HP, 1 Phase, 60 Hz, 208-230 V, 1700 RPM, 16/17 amps, SM14, SMO14, AR14, ARO14.
  2. relief valve with a 2538 psi setting is included for Rotary 14,000 lb SM/SMO/AR/ARO lifts.
  3. Plastic container with a filler/breather lid that holds 10 quarts.
  4. 8″ wide by 9 1/2″ deep and 29 1/2″ tall.
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A 14,000 lb power unit is a type of industrial equipment that is capable of generating and delivering mechanical power with a maximum weight capacity of 14,000 pounds. This type of power unit typically uses a combustion engine or electric motor as the primary power source, which drives a hydraulic pump that generates the high-pressure fluid needed to operate various types of machinery and equipment. They can be used in a variety of settings such as construction, manufacturing, mining, and agriculture, and can be configured to work with a wide range of applications. Some features of 14,000 lb power unit include a control panel, safety features like emergency shut offs, and they may come in different sizes and designs to fit specific needs.